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Natural Cure for Insomnia

29 Aug 2016|0 Comments

Whole Person Medicine recognises that every person is different
and requires a treatment plan that suits the individual – as well as their condition.

TrimmedThumbnail_Times_02Article | The Times
Are you having a laugh?

It sounds like poking fun but it’s called provocative therapy. Catriona Wrottesley reports.
Would you want to consult a therapist who can’t keep a straight face for five minutes… Read more…

tatler_cover_thumbArticle | Tatler

At the start of each session, Kaplan (a very gregarious South Afican with a twinkle in his eye) asks patients the same question: ‘Do I have your permission, here and now, to say things that are cheeky, absurd and provocative? Read more…

Testimonials for
Dr Brian Kaplan
Provocative Therapist

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Brian is truly a gifted therapist. He creates a warm and safe environment to open up in. He is astute at getting to the heart of a problem, and I feel I have made great strides in furthering my own personal life and goals under his care. I would highly recommend his practice.
Emma McMorrow
Provocative Therapy has had a significant and ongoing impact on me. It forces me to really look at myself and listen to what I’m saying and to understand that there is a difference between my own, often warped perspective, and the truth in front of me.
Louisa Gamon, London
Thank you again for being such a clear facilitator of positive change in my life…
Selene O'Kane, London
The 9 sessions – in my opinion – were sufficient to resolve the initial acute state with anxiety and I felt a person full of interest and happier. It is more than one year since I started the ‘provocative therapy’ with Dr Kaplan and I have not had any relapse to the original symptoms and discomfort.
Dr Luisa de Giorgi, MD , London
The lightness and laughter of it made touching on uncomfortable and painful issues easier, and the benevolence you bring to the process (aka Unconditional Positive Regard) was palpable​.
Sue Moebius, London