After about five years of including Provocative Therapy into my practice, I realised that my education as a doctor started to make sense. Medical school was tough but would always be an excellent foundation on which to build and being a medical doctor would give kudos and credibility to future plans. Homeopathy was the perfect holistic tool to study as it taught me how to listen to peoples’ life stories and choose remedies based on their subjective experience of their symptoms and life rather than only on my own objective judgments. 15 years of listening to such stories helped me enormously in my training as a  provocative therapist. One can only amplify and satirise dysfunctional behavioural patterns when one is very familiar with those patterns. Talking and listening to literally thousands of people’s life stories is the best way of acquiring that familiarity.

I also feel blessed to have been taught by some wonderful teachers. George Vithoulkas taught me a beautiful and pure form of classical homeopathy to which I will always remain true. Eric Ledermann gave me a central existential ethic with which to practise medicine. It was important for me to recall this when using Provocative Therapy. The purpose of psychotherapy is to make the unconscious conscience of the patient, conscious. Humour can strip away the false self, leaving the patient with a clearer view of his or her own conscience. This is obvious and simple and the reason why the real therapy in today’s society is happening in any place where one friend helps another laugh at how seriously he is taking his problems.