Recognition by my peers
And what about homeopathy? In February 2003 I was deeply honoured to be made a fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy (FFHom). I had become a member when I passed the required examination in 1983. That was nothing; I’d always thrived on ‘exam nerves’. This was very different. This was a stated recognition of my work by my peers and I’d never experienced anything like it before. I’d always been the outsider, the schoolboy without ‘school spirit’, the medical student with ‘the wrong attitude’ and finally the doctor who went ‘alternative’. Now a distinguished group of my peers had decided that I deserved to be heard within their most inner circle. That sense of belonging meant a lot to me.

I will always use homeopathy; I’ve seen it do wonderful things and have total respect for it as a therapeutic tool.  But for me it is not a philosophy in itself, but a very useful holistic medical intervention capable of stimulating the body to heal itself. As is Autogenic Therapy, acupuncture, nutritional medicine and Provocative Therapy. Not everyone is happy about me using Provocative Therapy. ‘Keep the day job!’ say some. ‘But you’re a good homeopath…’ say others.  ‘Go for it!’ say the friends who sense my enthusiasm.  I think I owe it to myself to give it my best shot.

I will also make myself available to teach homeopathy, preferably with the people who are co-writing this book! I’ve made good friends in homeopathy and met many inspiring homeopaths from all over the world at homeopathic conferences. I make a point of asking all of them how they got into homeopathy.  Each has a story, a journey different to mine, but we always shared one thing in common. We had taken a leap of faith and followed where our hearts led us.

Dr. Brian Kaplan MBBCh FFHom.
[Extract from the book Passionate Medicine by kind permission of Jessica Kingsley Publishers.]