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Health and Happy Relationships

01 Jan 2013|

A few sessions of Provocative Therapy can often provoke people to change their behaviour so that they end up in the sort of relationships they really want and deserve.

Xmas, Royalty, CAM and Kindness

23 Dec 2012|

The Queen's Xmas Day message is likely to be uncontroversial. However Prince Charles, the monarch in waiting is courageously outspoken, uses CAM and homeopathy and has called for more care and compassion in medicine.

Healthcare USA 2012

02 Nov 2012|

USA Presidential Election: A British perspective on Healthcare in the USA.

Medicine, Philosophy and Ideology

14 Oct 2012|

It is a pity that few have neither the patience nor the time for medical philosophy these days while many retain the mouth for voicing highly opinionated political ideology on healthcare in medicine. More can be read about the remarkable Dr Ledermann on his website, in a transcription of an interview I conducted with him here and in his obituary in The Times in 2005.

The Pie Man and Ben Goldacre

25 Sep 2012|

Ben Goldacre's book Bad Pharma endorses The Pie Man

New Government even more pro Homeopathy!

05 Sep 2012|

The Prime Minister has given the job of Secretary of State for Health to Jeremy Hunt.  Health ministers (one rung lower than health secretary) Mike O’Brien (Labour) and Ann Milton (Coalition) have endorsed the British public’s right to NHS homeopathy. Mr Hunt goes further. Not only does he uphold the [...]

Evidence Based Medicine & the NHS

14 Aug 2012|

The EBM being so lauded by opponents of CAM would actually exclude a lot of orthodox treatments from being used on the NHS

Complementary Medicine, Homeopathy and The Queen.

29 May 2012|

An article in The Daily Mail reports that the Queen is never without an emergency set of homeopathic medicines and even treated one of her dogs with homeopathy. Thus it is clear that even though homeopathy has its detractors, the Labour Party, the Coalition Government and the Head of State are very protective of the people's right to choose homeopathy.

Stress, Sleeping tablets & Soma

11 May 2012|

The UK is addicted to sleeping tablets says the Daily Mail. Aldous Huxley was so right.

Scientific Advice and Politics

01 Mar 2012|

Sir John Beddington describes NHS funding of homeopathy as 'crazy' in spite of being supportive of the Government's position on homeopathy and alternative medicine in 2009.