Autogenic Therapy


Natural Cure for Insomnia

29 Aug 2016|

"To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub." While Hamlet muses about sleep and dreams, sufferers of insomnia will be happy to sleep with or without the added bonus of dreams. The treatment of insomnia has a troubling history in medicine. The first line of sleeping tablets - barbiturates - were [...]

Stress, Sleeping tablets & Soma

11 May 2012|

The UK is addicted to sleeping tablets says the Daily Mail. Aldous Huxley was so right.

AUTOGENIC THERAPY The one form of CAM that everybody loves! (Vodcast)

26 May 2010|

Autogenic Therapy (AT) a powerful stress-releasing and stress-proofing technique is introduced. It is helpful in many stress-related medical conditions.

The Best Kept Secret in Medicine?

13 Jan 2010|

The word ‘stress’ is so commonly heard these days that it’s difficult to believe that it has only been used in the context of the human condition for about 80 years. It was introduced by endocrinologist, there Hans Selye, who did a huge amount of work that demonstrated the role [...]

Welcome to the new look, reloaded website!

10 Mar 2009|

This newly re-loaded site will publish useful medical information as well as strong opinions on current medical issues. I will not be shy to confront the more controversial issues of our time and will be happy to publish your comments on any article posted on the site. I make no [...]

Anger Kills!

10 Mar 2009|

We all know that anger is not a good thing. It is the cause of much unnecessary violence which is obviously bad for the recipients and can also have dire consequence such as long cooling-off periods in jail for the perpetrators. However researchers in the US have found [...]

Some thoughts on staying well

23 Nov 2008|

The poet Longfellow writes: Joy, temperance, and repose, slam the door on the doctor's nose. And ‘slamming the door on the doctor’s nose’ can simply be translated into practising effective personal preventative medicine. Personally, I’d add exercise to the list but that would spoil the metre – so let’s look [...]