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Natural Cure for Insomnia

29 Aug 2016|

"To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub." While Hamlet muses about sleep and dreams, sufferers of insomnia will be happy to sleep with or without the added bonus of dreams. The treatment of insomnia has a troubling history in medicine. The first line of sleeping tablets - barbiturates - were [...]

Alternatives to Evidence Based Medicine

20 Jul 2016|

Medical scientists and particular the disciples of Scientism are fond of asserting that the only real Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is the randomised clinical trial where a medicine is compared with a control (placebo). I've long been of the position that RCTs have their limitations, particularly because they exclude the [...]

Sceptics, skeptics, Homeopathy and ‘soft targets’

18 May 2016|

An article in the latest edition of that very non-treehugging journal Scientfic American by a self-confessed skeptic (spelled with a 'k' because he's American and with an 's' very deliberately in lower case for reasons he makes clear), John Horgan, shows how self-styled 'sceptics' specifically attack 'soft targets' such as [...]

Anti-Depressives: Some rather depressing news

04 Feb 2016|

I've never liked the word 'depression'. The Victorians referred more accurately to chronic sadness as 'melancholia'. Psychiatry has struggled for decades to find a chemical solution by which to 'treat the brain' in order to alleviate this awful problem.  Success has been hard to come by and both the psychoanalytic school [...]

Nice one NICE !

07 Jun 2015|

An exceptional review by NICE concludes that ‘healthy women with straightforward pregnancies are safer giving birth at home or in a midwife-led unit than in a hospital under the supervision of an obstetrician.’ This triggers a huge debate in the US.


26 Apr 2015|

EU backs homeopathy in new directive.

Generalising about CAM is misleading

03 Mar 2015|

It's unfair to label all CAM practitioners as unscrupulous crooks. Whole Person Medicine includes orthodox medicine and oncology. Doctors and CAM practitioners should talk more often.

Back pain: Jabs, Steroids and ‘Cures’

19 Sep 2013|

The media misrepresents findings of USA anaesthetist on back pain and injections

Marching to 100 with Homeopathy!

25 Apr 2013|

Jane Gilchrist, one of homeopathy's greatest advocates celebrates her 100th birthday party at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

Homeopathy and the Ex-Chief Scientific Advisor

10 Apr 2013|

Once again, Sir John Beddington insults GPs who choose to send their patients for homeopathy on the NHS.