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Vodcast: What exactly is Homeopathy?

09 Apr 2010|

This Sunday at 10am I’ll be giving a lecture called Defending Homeopathy in the 21st Century for the Homeopathic Medical Association. There is no doubt that homeopathy needs defending in the UK at the moment as the attacks on it, while lacking innovation, have been relentless and vicious with little [...]

How to Achieve Happiness: The Evidence

14 Jul 2009|

For many years the high ground on happiness has been held by the gurus of positive affirmations and mantras. Books and films by the thousands extolled the value of 'postive thinking'. But has there been any evidence that these bestsellers actually made anyone any happier - apart from their authors [...]

First Strike for the Pie Man

05 Apr 2009|

In my last post, I warned that anybody using ‘lack of evidence' as a club with which to bash homeopathy or other well-established complementary medical approaches exclusively - will be visited by the Pie Man. The Pie Man exists purely to bring closer to the attention of these critics that [...]

How to embarrass your GP

10 Mar 2009|

Wow - Talk about empowering patients! Now there is going to be an NHS website where you can rate your GP. This fantastic and innovative idea should certainly keep doctors on their toes. They should introduce this in cricket too. The crowd, rather than the TV umpire/referees sitting in their [...]