Natural Cure for Insomnia

29 Aug 2016|

"To sleep, perchance to dream- ay, there's the rub." While Hamlet muses about sleep and dreams, sufferers of insomnia will be happy to sleep with or without the added bonus of dreams. The treatment of insomnia has a troubling history in medicine. The first line of sleeping tablets - barbiturates - were [...]

Depressed? Blame you ‘Inner Neandertal’…. not

13 Feb 2016|

Readers of this blog  know that I am no fan of the word 'depression' but it came up in an amazing story in Science this week. The article is about how we may be inheriting genetic diseases going back  50 000 years to one of our earliest ancestors, Neandertal Man! Depression is [...]

Anti-Depressives: Some rather depressing news

04 Feb 2016|

I've never liked the word 'depression'. The Victorians referred more accurately to chronic sadness as 'melancholia'. Psychiatry has struggled for decades to find a chemical solution by which to 'treat the brain' in order to alleviate this awful problem.  Success has been hard to come by and both the psychoanalytic school [...]


18 Oct 2013|

Back pain is a huge problem for people and the Economy. Diagnosis is difficult. Strengthening the muscles of the back can have great results but involves a lot of work.

Back pain: Jabs, Steroids and ‘Cures’

19 Sep 2013|

The media misrepresents findings of USA anaesthetist on back pain and injections

On Art Therapy

02 Apr 2013|

Major exhibition on Art and Healing opens in April at University College Hospital, London on Thursday 18th April

Evidence Based Medicine & the NHS

14 Aug 2012|

The EBM being so lauded by opponents of CAM would actually exclude a lot of orthodox treatments from being used on the NHS

Antidepressants and our ‘Brave New World’

24 Jan 2012|

It is hypocritical beyond belief selectively to say that NHS homeopathy is a waste of money and should be stopped when the cost of NHS antidepressant use (which may be no better than placebo in the majority of cases) is going through the roof.

Alcoholism isn’t a Drug Addiction or is it?

05 Nov 2010|

A provocative look at alcohol, alcoholism and Prof. David Nutt's recent statement about alcohol being more dangerous to society than heroin or crack cocaine.

Comedy Revolution in Politics? Now for Medicine!

12 Oct 2010|

Comedians are suddenly influencing American politics. The power of satire has been officially recognised by the political authorities. Can the medical authorities be far behind? Probably yes.