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Vodcast: What exactly is Homeopathy?

09 Apr 2010|

This Sunday at 10am I’ll be giving a lecture called Defending Homeopathy in the 21st Century for the Homeopathic Medical Association. There is no doubt that homeopathy needs defending in the UK at the moment as the attacks on it, while lacking innovation, have been relentless and vicious with little [...]

The Holistic Approach: The attempt to stimulate the body to heal itself

24 Sep 2008|

It is possible to view the human body as a complex organism which is more than the sum of its parts and only partially understandable in its functions. Medical scientists can never repair the body with the confidence with which a motor mechanic may fix a car. This is because [...]

Health Matters: A Modern Approach

24 Sep 2008|

Health Matters: A Modern Approach The face of medical care is changing. At the very time modern medical technology is making the most incredible advances, more and more people are choosing 'Alternatives' rather than Orthodox medicine. The swing has been so significant that alternative medicine has been said to be [...]

Homeopathy – Significant Moments in the Clinic

24 Sep 2008|

A Woman in Severe Pain I remember a case of a colleague, Dr. Denis Somper, that illustrates this well. Dr. Somper is a classical homeopathic physician and a gentleman of the 'old school'. He is a retiring and private man and can seldom be persuaded to teach, much to the [...]

Ten Useful homeopathic Remedies to have in your Medical Chest

24 Sep 2008|

Ten Useful homeopathic Remedies to have in your Medical Chest ARNICA: The great remedy for trauma, bruising and after childbirth and surgery. It is useful and safe in almost any accident or injury. A dose every few hours after the event can be most helpful. ACONITE: The famous remedy for [...]

Homeopathy Series: 4. Homeopathy for the family

24 Sep 2008|

Homeopathy is a useful therapeutic tool for all members of the family but it is not a complete medical system which can totally replace the conventional approach. homeopathic remedies can however act as holistic stimuli which are capable of triggering a healing response in the body. In any given situation [...]

Homeopathy Series: 3. Homeopathy in pregnancy and for the under-fives

24 Sep 2008|

The preconceptual period Women who are planning on become pregnant are naturally concerned to keep themselves in good health in preparation for such an important physiological and psychological event in their lives. They may well stop smoking, reduce their alcohol consumption, eat healthily and try to get some exercise. Homeopathy [...]

Homeopathy Series: 2. Homeopathy– What is it?

24 Sep 2008|

Homeopathy 1: - What is it? Homeopathy is available under the National Health Service in certain hospitals. As well as medically qualified homeopaths, there are also "lay homeopaths" and training is available for both medical and non-medically qualified homeopaths. The word homeopathy is often understood to be synonymous with natural [...]

Homeopathy Series: 1. Homeopathy, Homeopath & Samuel Hahnemann

24 Sep 2008|

Homeopathy Homeopathy and homeopathic medicines are forms of alternative medicine, becoming a more and more popular forms of treatment. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed to treat the medical condition of the patient but to suit the mental and physical attributes of the patient as well. Through natural remedies, homeopathy seeks to [...]