Depressed? Blame you ‘Inner Neandertal’…. not

13 Feb 2016|

Readers of this blog  know that I am no fan of the word 'depression' but it came up in an amazing story in Science this week. The article is about how we may be inheriting genetic diseases going back  50 000 years to one of our earliest ancestors, Neandertal Man! Depression is [...]

Health and Happy Relationships

01 Jan 2013|

A few sessions of Provocative Therapy can often provoke people to change their behaviour so that they end up in the sort of relationships they really want and deserve.

Of Rats and Junk Food Junkies

28 Oct 2009|

It’s official. Junk food is almost as addictive as heroin! And no I’m not being provocative just for the hell of it. (Provocative therapists should never be gratuitously provocative.) No, the men in the white coats with bad news this time are neurobiologists, Dr Paul Johnson and Dr Paul Kenny. [...]

Good News for Men: Fast cars are good for your health!

14 Oct 2009|

People love to mock men who  buy Porches when they enter middle age. Common ways of belittling these guys is to mutter things like ‘mid-life crisis’ or ‘male menopause’. Well it turns out that fast cars, prostate especially fast red cars really are good for the health of middle-aged men! [...]

07 Oct 2009|

Could sperm be the secret elixir of eternal youth? With more and more talk of prolonging life to 100 and beyond, look doctors may feel under increasing pressure to be able to deliver what the media promise. Clerics are in trouble too: Why talk eschatologically about life after death when [...]

Welcome to the new look, reloaded website!

10 Mar 2009|

This newly re-loaded site will publish useful medical information as well as strong opinions on current medical issues. I will not be shy to confront the more controversial issues of our time and will be happy to publish your comments on any article posted on the site. I make no [...]