Anti-Depressives: Some rather depressing news

04 Feb 2016|

I've never liked the word 'depression'. The Victorians referred more accurately to chronic sadness as 'melancholia'. Psychiatry has struggled for decades to find a chemical solution by which to 'treat the brain' in order to alleviate this awful problem.  Success has been hard to come by and both the psychoanalytic school [...]

Psychotherapy: Doctor patient relationships, Neuro-linguistic programming/NLP

24 Sep 2008|

Doctor patient relationships Doctor patient relationships are very important and are seen to have changed a great deal over the years. Many people long to get back to the traditional idea of the family doctor, ed where he knew all about their home-life as he treated the whole family and [...]

Psychology, Humanistic psychology & Color psychology

24 Sep 2008|

Psychology Psychology is a science of the nature and functions of the human soul and mind. Psychologists seek to discover how the human mind works through experiments and studies. Through determining the workings of the mind, they can help understand the workings of the body in relation to it. Psychology [...]