Book Contributor Brian Kaplan: Passionate Medicine

05 May 2005|

Passionate Medicine: Making the Transition from Conventional Medicine to Homeopathy Robin Shohet (Editor) (Dr. Brian Kaplan, illness contributor) Paperback; 192 pages (May 4, price 2005) Jessica Kingsley Publishers ISBN: 1843102986 ___________________________________ This book, published in 2005, tells the story of how and why five doctors and two veterinary [...]

Book: B. Kaplan: Die Kunst der Fallaufnahme – das homöopathische Gespräch. Übersetzt von T. Schreier

24 Sep 2004|

B. Kaplan Die Kunst der Fallaufnahme - das homöopathische Gespräch Übersetzt von T. Schreier 2004 216 S., decease kartoniert EUR 39,95 | CHF 67,90 ISBN 3830471726 Order ** This is the German language edition of .

Book: The Homeopathic Conversation by Dr. Brian Kaplan

24 Mar 2002|

"It probably takes the better part of a lifetime to master the art of the homeopathic conversation. But there are some things in life that are worth waiting for…" In this timely publication, Dr Brian Kaplan, medical doctor and internationally renowned homeopath and teacher, shares his insights into [...]

Book Review: Relaxation Techniques, by Rosemary A. Payne

24 Sep 1995|

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES A Practical Handbook for the Health Care Professional. Rosemary A. Payne Churchill Livingstone, 1995. ISBN 0-443-04933-5 It has been well documented that stress plays an important part in the causation and aggravation of both physical and mental illness. From as early as 1956 researchers such as Hans Selye [...]

Foreword by Dr. Kaplan to “Emotional Healing with Homeopathy” by Peter Chappell

24 Sep 1994|

Foreword to 1st edition 1994. by Dr Brian Kaplan. No rational person can doubt the fantastic advances made this century by medical science. Potentially fatal diseases including pneumonia, meningitis and tuberculosis are now treated fairly routinely. The discovery of insulin has brought relief to the previously debilitating disease of diabetes. [...]

Book co-edited by Brian Kaplan: Studies of Homeopathic Remedies, Dr. Douglas Gibson FRCP (edited by Dr Marianne Harling and Dr Brian Kaplan)

24 Sep 1987|

Studies of Homeopathic Remedies Homeopathic remedies come from every part of the world and from all the kingdoms of nature - mineral, vegetable, animal and microbe. They include strong poisons such as arsenic, the venom of deadly snakes and the products of disease, as well as harmless substances [...]