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Homeopathy and India

24 Jul 2011|

While homeopathy has been subject to nasty attacks in the UK, it is deeply respected in the world's biggest democracy - India.

Book Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from Physiotherapy

24 Sep 2002|

Review from: Physiotherapy Dr Kaplan describes in detail the process of 'taking the case', which is central to the ability of accurate homeopathic prescribing. Finding the right remedy depends not only on noting all the symptoms, both physical and mental, but on assessing how these affect the patient's [...]

Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from British Holistic Veterinary Journal

24 Sep 2002|

Review in "British Holistic Veterinary Journal" Review from: The British Holistic Veterinary Journal I have always held to the notion that nothing happens by chance. Here am I, at the start of my first ever break from practice, feeling burnt out and utterly exhausted and looking for direction into how [...]

Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from The Homeopathic Times

24 Sep 2002|

Review from: The Homeopathic Times (Ireland) It is not necessarily the homeopath who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the materia medica, an intelligent and flexible approach to case analysis and a comprehensive library who makes the best homeopath, according to Dr. Kaplan. He suggests that most people would [...]

Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from The Homeopath

24 Sep 2002|

Review from: The Homeopath This is the first book from Natural Medicine Press, and I am really pleased I bought it. In truth, it is rare that I read a work book from cover to cover. I took it on holiday along with some novels and (I know [...]

Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from Homeopathy

24 Sep 2002|

Review from: Homeopathy (formerly the British Homeopathic Journal) It always struck me as remarkable that in both Medicine and Homeopathy great emphasis was always placed on the analysis of the case history, and yet so little was taught about the methods by which the case taking could be [...]

Reviews of “The Homeopathic Conversation” by Brian Kaplan

24 Aug 2002|

Book Review: “Massage and Aromatherapy: A guide for health professionals” by Andrew Vickers

24 Jul 1996|

Massage has probably been used in various forms to comfort and heal for as long as the human race has existed. It is instinctive for a mother to comfort her baby by massaging or cuddling it, or for a parent to massage the area of pain in older children. It [...]

Book Review: Relaxation Techniques, by Rosemary A. Payne

24 Sep 1995|

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES A Practical Handbook for the Health Care Professional. Rosemary A. Payne Churchill Livingstone, 1995. ISBN 0-443-04933-5 It has been well documented that stress plays an important part in the causation and aggravation of both physical and mental illness. From as early as 1956 researchers such as Hans Selye [...]