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Scientific Advice and Politics

01 Mar 2012|

Sir John Beddington describes NHS funding of homeopathy as 'crazy' in spite of being supportive of the Government's position on homeopathy and alternative medicine in 2009.

Now the Swiss back Homeopathy!

20 Feb 2012|

The Swiss Government has produced an official report remarkably in favour of CAM and homeopathic medicine

The Pie gets more emphatic!

19 Nov 2009|

The Pie Man has the noble duty of delivering this pie chart to those who jeer at homeopathy and CAM because they consider them to be less than evidence-based. In the name of truth and beauty*, the Pie Man attempts to make it clear that most of common conventional medical [...]

The Debate at Guy’s Hospital

29 Apr 2009|

The Pie Man Cometh!

18 Mar 2009|

Welcome to my new column The Pie Man Strikes Again! Now what has a Pie Man got to do with medicine? What has a Pie Man got to do with the holy grail of evidence-based medicine? Allow me to explain... There are some doctors around today so eminent that I've [...]

That letter of the Disciples of Scientism

09 Nov 2008|

Dr. David Colquhoun writes about me and that UCL debate in his rather sneering blog in which he accuses anyone using alternative medicine of lying to their patients. This is a blatant and untrue insult which he arrives at via an illogical and irrational cascade of argument. Suffice to say [...]

Homeopathy on Trial: the debate and the letter

18 Oct 2008|

On Monday night, the 20th October 2008, I will attend a debate at University College London at 7.00 pm. The motion is: 'This House believes homeopathy should not be available on the NHS’ The debate is free and open to all and this is how you get there. Speaking against [...]

Unconditional Surrender to Singh and Ernst

20 Apr 2008|

Okay, finally I give up. It’s Unconditional Surrender for me. I will not harp on anymore about: the dangers of separating the practitioner from his tools; self-induced healing; the art of medicine, the use of the self in therapy and the healing qualities of holistic doctors that cannot simply be [...]