The Pie Man is Corrected!

06 Jun 2010|

According to the BMJ's Clinical Evidence, the proportion of medical interventions that are evidence-based has fallen from 13% to 11% while those of 'Unknown Benefit' have increased from 4

On Science and Scientism (Vodcast: Evidence based Medicine)

21 Apr 2010|

A brief and provocative chat about medicine, homepathy, science and scientism.

Surprise! Surprise! Stress can cause heart attacks!

19 Jan 2010|

In a discovery of cosmic significance, it has just been proved scientifically that men are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes after enduring great stress. Didn’t we already know this? Apparently not. Let me explain… Organisations such as the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have until now claimed that [...]

The Pie gets more emphatic!

19 Nov 2009|

The Pie Man has the noble duty of delivering this pie chart to those who jeer at homeopathy and CAM because they consider them to be less than evidence-based. In the name of truth and beauty*, the Pie Man attempts to make it clear that most of common conventional medical [...]

Double Strike for the Pie Man

10 Nov 2009|

The Pie Man has been alerted to an article in the American Journal of Medicine by the erstwhile Edzard Ernst and Michael Baum, stomach his co-signee of the notorious letter (inappropriately written on NHS note paper) to Patient Care Trusts (PCTs) all over the UK. In the letter – as [...]

Brilliant Speech by Prince Charles: Future King shows the limitations of mechanistic and reductionist thinking.

09 Jul 2009|

In what was surely the speech of his life, Facing the Future,  (The Richard Dimbleby Memorial Lecture broadcast on BBC last night - you can still hear it here, Prince Charles made an impassioned appeal for a new way of viewing the present world crisis with special regard to the [...]

Reith, Sandel, Morality, Society and Homeopathy

16 Jun 2009|

The Reith Lectures on Radio 4 are one of the last vestiges of a pre-dumbed down society. This years lectures by Professor Michael Sandel on a 'New Citizenship' started wondrously last Tuesday with Sandel making the important point that we inadvertently allowed a market economy to turn us into a [...]

The Debate at Guy’s Hospital

29 Apr 2009|