Brian Kaplan


Reith, Sandel, Morality, Society and Homeopathy

16 Jun 2009|

The Reith Lectures on Radio 4 are one of the last vestiges of a pre-dumbed down society. This years lectures by Professor Michael Sandel on a 'New Citizenship' started wondrously last Tuesday with Sandel making the important point that we inadvertently allowed a market economy to turn us into a [...]

Smoke more for a Healthy Economy!

07 May 2009|

Oh no! I thought I was the only one provoking smokers to quit by ordering them to Smoke More! Of course this was in the context of a session of Provocative Therapy, where I always obtain specific permission to satirise, make absurd suggestions and advise people to do more of [...]

Homeopathy on Trial: the debate and the letter

18 Oct 2008|

On Monday night, the 20th October 2008, I will attend a debate at University College London at 7.00 pm. The motion is: 'This House believes homeopathy should not be available on the NHS’ The debate is free and open to all and this is how you get there. Speaking against [...]

Doctors and Scientists in Glass Houses

01 Oct 2008|

It seems that my last post has made things just a little less than comfortable for stone throwers living in glass houses. (aka as critics of homeopathy who assume that most of conventional medicine is clearly ‘evidence-based’.) Some are even desperately appealing to colleagues for reinforcement. Unfortunately for them it’s [...]

Book Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from Physiotherapy

24 Sep 2002|

Review from: Physiotherapy Dr Kaplan describes in detail the process of 'taking the case', which is central to the ability of accurate homeopathic prescribing. Finding the right remedy depends not only on noting all the symptoms, both physical and mental, but on assessing how these affect the patient's [...]

Book Review: Relaxation Techniques, by Rosemary A. Payne

24 Sep 1995|

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES A Practical Handbook for the Health Care Professional. Rosemary A. Payne Churchill Livingstone, 1995. ISBN 0-443-04933-5 It has been well documented that stress plays an important part in the causation and aggravation of both physical and mental illness. From as early as 1956 researchers such as Hans Selye [...]