“Homeopathy is Witchcraft.” Should Homeopaths now be burnt at the stake?

17 May 2010|

Inane attacks on homeopathy deserve provocative ripostes. The attack on homeopathy is an insult to democracy and liberty.

Surprise! Surprise! Stress can cause heart attacks!

19 Jan 2010|

In a discovery of cosmic significance, it has just been proved scientifically that men are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes after enduring great stress. Didn’t we already know this? Apparently not. Let me explain… Organisations such as the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have until now claimed that [...]

I really must lighten up

16 Nov 2008|

Prof. Colquhoun has noticed my last post and accused homeopaths of being ‘deluded’ and concluded that my ‘paranoid tone’ is an indication that they (presumably those whom I’ve dubbed The Disciples of Scientism) are ‘winning’. Reading this I realised that ‘losing’ is far less of a problem for me than [...]

Homeopathy on Trial: the debate and the letter

18 Oct 2008|

On Monday night, the 20th October 2008, I will attend a debate at University College London at 7.00 pm. The motion is: 'This House believes homeopathy should not be available on the NHS’ The debate is free and open to all and this is how you get there. Speaking against [...]