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Homeopathy and the Ex-Chief Scientific Advisor

10 Apr 2013|

Once again, Sir John Beddington insults GPs who choose to send their patients for homeopathy on the NHS.

I Salute Dr James Le Fanu

05 Jul 2010|

In today’s Daily Telegraph, click in his Doctor’s Diary, ailment Dr James Le Fanu expresses suspicion of the motives of homeopathy’s vociferous detractors in the United Kingdom. In a few simple sentences he exposes the tirade against NHS homeopathy as being disingenuous and certainly not in the interests of the [...]

Of Rats and Junk Food Junkies

28 Oct 2009|

It’s official. Junk food is almost as addictive as heroin! And no I’m not being provocative just for the hell of it. (Provocative therapists should never be gratuitously provocative.) No, the men in the white coats with bad news this time are neurobiologists, Dr Paul Johnson and Dr Paul Kenny. [...]