David Colquhoun



26 Oct 2010|

The Debating Society of University College London met last night. The motion was: This House would stop the funding of homeopathy on the NHS. The result was close but a heart-warming win for the supporters of NHS homeopathy. For the Motion: 71 Against the Motion: 78 Abstentions: 41 This was [...]

The Pie Man is Corrected!

06 Jun 2010|

According to the BMJ's Clinical Evidence, the proportion of medical interventions that are evidence-based has fallen from 13% to 11% while those of 'Unknown Benefit' have increased from 4

2010: Will irony will show us the way?

01 Jan 2010|

Meditating on the decade that was, patient the words of the poet W.H. Auden came to mind: The windiest militant trash Important Persons shout Is not so crude as our wish: What mad Nijinsky wrote About Diaghilev Is true of the normal heart; For the error bred in the bone [...]

The Pieman Strikes!

28 May 2009|

The third person to be visited by The Pieman can come as no surprise to anyone. It is fellow doctor, story Prof. David Colquhoun, a man who won’t mind me saying has devoted huge amounts of time and effort to attempt to debunk various forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine [...]

Why eminent doctors accuse CAM practitioners of lying to their patients.

10 May 2009|

In my last post I promised to give my view of why eminent physicians have grossly insulted practitioners of CAM by accusing them of lying to their patients. For example: Prof. David Colquhoun:  Under the heading The Lying Dilemma "To maximise the benefit of alternative medicine, it is necessary to [...]

That letter of the Disciples of Scientism

09 Nov 2008|

Dr. David Colquhoun writes about me and that UCL debate in his rather sneering blog in which he accuses anyone using alternative medicine of lying to their patients. This is a blatant and untrue insult which he arrives at via an illogical and irrational cascade of argument. Suffice to say [...]

Homeopathy on Trial: the debate and the letter

18 Oct 2008|

On Monday night, the 20th October 2008, I will attend a debate at University College London at 7.00 pm. The motion is: 'This House believes homeopathy should not be available on the NHS’ The debate is free and open to all and this is how you get there. Speaking against [...]