Evidence-based medicine


Now the Swiss back Homeopathy!

20 Feb 2012|

The Swiss Government has produced an official report remarkably in favour of CAM and homeopathic medicine

The Pie Man is Corrected!

06 Jun 2010|

According to the BMJ's Clinical Evidence, the proportion of medical interventions that are evidence-based has fallen from 13% to 11% while those of 'Unknown Benefit' have increased from 4

Vodcast: Homeopathy Defended

07 Mar 2010|

This Vodcast is unedited because I consider edited vodcasts to be slightly less than authentic. See "Why that parliamentary report was disingenuous" for related content.

Big Day for NHS Homeopathy, Liberty and Democracy

22 Feb 2010|

Today is a red letter for NHS homeopathy, democracy and liberty in the UK. At 10.00 am this morning the MPs of the Science and Technology Committee will issue their report on their view of the provision of homeopathy on the NHS. Much was said at the hearings of the [...]

The Disappearance of the G-spot

04 Jan 2010|

In the history of anatomy, it is an extremely rare occurrence for a part of the body to be declared not to exist. Yet this week the Journal of Sexual Medicine will publish an article that claims that the ‘idea of a G-spot is subjective’ – which means that the [...]

The Pie gets more emphatic!

19 Nov 2009|

The Pie Man has the noble duty of delivering this pie chart to those who jeer at homeopathy and CAM because they consider them to be less than evidence-based. In the name of truth and beauty*, the Pie Man attempts to make it clear that most of common conventional medical [...]

The Pieman Strikes!

28 May 2009|

The third person to be visited by The Pieman can come as no surprise to anyone. It is fellow doctor, story Prof. David Colquhoun, a man who won’t mind me saying has devoted huge amounts of time and effort to attempt to debunk various forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine [...]

The Debate at Guy’s Hospital

29 Apr 2009|

The Pie Man Cometh!

18 Mar 2009|

Welcome to my new column The Pie Man Strikes Again! Now what has a Pie Man got to do with medicine? What has a Pie Man got to do with the holy grail of evidence-based medicine? Allow me to explain... There are some doctors around today so eminent that I've [...]