Frank Farrelly


Provocative Therapy: The Beginning

06 Mar 2015|

The first case in which Provocative Therapy was used. Frank Farrelly inadvertently discovers Provocative Therapy at Mendota State Institute.

Health, Laughter and Contrarianism

12 Dec 2011|

There is little doubt that laughter is good for you. However when you are provoked to laugh at your 'Inner Joke', the funny side of how you are preventing yourself from being fulfilled in life, you get more than just the physiological benefits of laughter. You are nudged into changing your behavioural patterns for the better. This is the essence of Provocative Therapy the cutting edge in the use of contrarianism (reverse psychology) and humour in therapy.

Humour & Health

24 Sep 2008|

Kaplan's Mnemonic Laughter may not be the best medicine, especially if you have appendicitis, but medicine it certainly is. Hundreds of scientific studies have proved the therapeutic benefits of laughter. Here are some of the ways laughter is good for you. I have used the mnemonic SMILE to remember them [...]