Reflexology on BBC2 last night

Alternative Therapies BBC2 Monday 24/3/2008In an appallingly crafted hour of 'investigation' into whether reflexology works Professor Kathy Sykes interviews various reflexologists, their patients and eminent scientists. This was very bad TV because you could see the bias from the beginning and the conclusion is telescoped well in advance.Of course an anatomist was wheeled out to [...]

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A Witchhunt on Homeopathy

THE HOMEOPATHIC WITCHUNT Attacks on Homeopathy Ever since it inception in 1810, generic homeopathic medicine has endured periods where it has been ridiculed, insulted and generally lambasted. Such periods tend to alternate with times in which it enjoys widespread support. At the moment it is enduring a sustained attack in the media generally supported by [...]

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More good news for chocoholics • Yes, but… • Homeopathic Tip of the Week: Cravings for sweet things

More good news for chocoholics The Daily Mirror had some very good news for chocoholics. The popular paper reported on the latest health benefit of chocolate - apparently it's good for coughs! Cocoa, the principle ingredient of chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which the men in white coats are saying is a third better [...]

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Smoking Kills 5 million a year • Is smoking addiction in our genes • Babies love curry • Homeopathic Tip: Babies

Smoking Kills 5 million a year The Journal Tobacco Control reported the results of a survey of smoking related deaths in the year 2000. Smoking accounted for nearly 5 million deaths worldwide that year, with three times as many men as women succumbing to the deadly effects of the most addictive weed on the planet. [...]

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Tea Too is Good for Your Memory • Tea Too is Good for Your Memory • Obesity in Pets • Tip of the Week: Colds & Flu, continued…

Tea Too is Good for Your MemoryThe Science correspondent of The Times reports that drinking tea regularly can help prevent the distressful memory losing illness, Alzheimer's Disease.According to research carried out by the men in white coats at Newcastle Universities Medicinal Plant Research Centre, tea acts against the certain enzymes in the brain helping it [...]

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The Diet for Chocoholics? • Dr. Kaplan’s Ultimate Diet • To Stretch or not to Stretch • Tip of the Week: Overdoing exercise

The Diet for Chocoholics?The Daily Express is not a newspaper I usually read but when I saw a front page headline that said: 'The New diet that can end your sugar cravings' I just had to buy an issue.Well it's all about yet another new diet book. This one is called 'Why do you overeat?' [...]

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Medicine, Philosophy and ‘Alternative Medicine’ •

Medicine, Philosophy and 'Alternative Medicine'Last week I recommended a book, Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents by Raymond Tallis (Publisher: Atlantic Books, 2004) The author, a doctor and a philosopher, makes a scathing attack on the nanny state interfering with NHS medicine, spending vast quantities on 'improvements' that do not stand up to examination in [...]

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