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24 Sep 2008|

Kaplan's Mnemonic Laughter may not be the best medicine, especially if you have appendicitis, but medicine it certainly is. Hundreds of scientific studies have proved the therapeutic benefits of laughter. Here are some of the ways laughter is good for you. I have used the mnemonic SMILE to remember them [...]

Book Review on “Homeopathic Conversation”: from Physiotherapy

24 Sep 2002|

Review from: Physiotherapy Dr Kaplan describes in detail the process of 'taking the case', which is central to the ability of accurate homeopathic prescribing. Finding the right remedy depends not only on noting all the symptoms, both physical and mental, but on assessing how these affect the patient's [...]

Book: The Homeopathic Conversation by Dr. Brian Kaplan

24 Mar 2002|

"It probably takes the better part of a lifetime to master the art of the homeopathic conversation. But there are some things in life that are worth waiting for…" In this timely publication, Dr Brian Kaplan, medical doctor and internationally renowned homeopath and teacher, shares his insights into [...]