Michael Baum


Homeopathy, Politics and Liberty

25 Sep 2011|

The concerted attack on homeopathy continues. Letters using insulting and denigrating language continue to be published in the letters section of the BMJ. At the political level though, support remains strong for NHS homeopathy.

NHS HOMEOPATHY: The Aftermath and the Whingeing

27 Aug 2010|

Critics of NHS homeopathy are livid about the Government's decision to back NHS homeopathy and will probably regroup and attack again. They cannot understand how democracy has trumped their scientism but democracy is democracy.

Baum, Ernst, me and the American Journal of Medicine

11 Jun 2010|

Post about a correspondence between me, Ernst and Baum about an article, highly critical of homeopathy and including a misleading reference to me, published in the American Journal of Medicine.

2010: Will irony will show us the way?

01 Jan 2010|

Meditating on the decade that was, patient the words of the poet W.H. Auden came to mind: The windiest militant trash Important Persons shout Is not so crude as our wish: What mad Nijinsky wrote About Diaghilev Is true of the normal heart; For the error bred in the bone [...]

NHS Medicine, Liberty, Money and 2009

21 Dec 2009|

So what can we say about the year that was? There is a curse that says: ‘May you live in interesting times!’ and for those of us who support whole-person medicine, 2009 was an interesting year indeed. For the loud and aggressive espousers of the school of fundamentalist naïve realism [...]