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Homeopathy, Politics and Liberty II

09 Oct 2011|

The different positions on Political Philosophy on the issue of NHS homeopathy are defined.

Homeopathy, Politics and Liberty

25 Sep 2011|

The concerted attack on homeopathy continues. Letters using insulting and denigrating language continue to be published in the letters section of the BMJ. At the political level though, support remains strong for NHS homeopathy.

Prime Minister Praises Homeopathy as we go from Great Britain to Sad Britain.

07 Apr 2011|

Prime Minister says he's going to sound like a homepathy in describing looking at the whole patient. The whole patient being the NHS. Most major politicians in favour of NHS homeopathy but media horrifically biased against it. Controversial anti-depressants hit all time in being prescribed on the NHS

NHS Homeopathy and the Chief Scientific Adviser

30 Oct 2010|

In an extraordinary statement, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government turns against NHS homeopathy. GPs who use homeopathy are likely to find his comment somewhat insulting.

Big Day for NHS Homeopathy, Liberty and Democracy

22 Feb 2010|

Today is a red letter for NHS homeopathy, democracy and liberty in the UK. At 10.00 am this morning the MPs of the Science and Technology Committee will issue their report on their view of the provision of homeopathy on the NHS. Much was said at the hearings of the [...]

2010: Will irony will show us the way?

01 Jan 2010|

Meditating on the decade that was, patient the words of the poet W.H. Auden came to mind: The windiest militant trash Important Persons shout Is not so crude as our wish: What mad Nijinsky wrote About Diaghilev Is true of the normal heart; For the error bred in the bone [...]

Breaking News! Government backs NHS Homeopathy!

01 Dec 2009|

Dec 1, 2009: A wonderful day for British Homeopathy Here follow the immortal words of Health Minister, Mike O'Brien: 'We take the view that it is not our job to stop clinicians prescribing these medications if they feel they are appropriate.' See more here. Striking a blow for liberty worthy [...]