NHS Homeopathy


The Pie Man and Ben Goldacre

25 Sep 2012|

Ben Goldacre's book Bad Pharma endorses The Pie Man

New Government even more pro Homeopathy!

05 Sep 2012|

The Prime Minister has given the job of Secretary of State for Health to Jeremy Hunt.  Health ministers (one rung lower than health secretary) Mike O’Brien (Labour) and Ann Milton (Coalition) have endorsed the British public’s right to NHS homeopathy. Mr Hunt goes further. Not only does he uphold the [...]

Homeopathy, Politics and Liberty

25 Sep 2011|

The concerted attack on homeopathy continues. Letters using insulting and denigrating language continue to be published in the letters section of the BMJ. At the political level though, support remains strong for NHS homeopathy.

NHS Homeopathy and the Chief Scientific Adviser

30 Oct 2010|

In an extraordinary statement, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government turns against NHS homeopathy. GPs who use homeopathy are likely to find his comment somewhat insulting.


26 Oct 2010|

The Debating Society of University College London met last night. The motion was: This House would stop the funding of homeopathy on the NHS. The result was close but a heart-warming win for the supporters of NHS homeopathy. For the Motion: 71 Against the Motion: 78 Abstentions: 41 This was [...]

NHS HOMEOPATHY: The Aftermath and the Whingeing

27 Aug 2010|

Critics of NHS homeopathy are livid about the Government's decision to back NHS homeopathy and will probably regroup and attack again. They cannot understand how democracy has trumped their scientism but democracy is democracy.

It’s Official! British Government backs NHS Homeopathy

26 Jul 2010|

Government officially backs the provision of NHS homeopathy

I Salute Dr James Le Fanu

05 Jul 2010|

In today’s Daily Telegraph, click in his Doctor’s Diary, ailment Dr James Le Fanu expresses suspicion of the motives of homeopathy’s vociferous detractors in the United Kingdom. In a few simple sentences he exposes the tirade against NHS homeopathy as being disingenuous and certainly not in the interests of the [...]

Baum, Ernst, me and the American Journal of Medicine

11 Jun 2010|

Post about a correspondence between me, Ernst and Baum about an article, highly critical of homeopathy and including a misleading reference to me, published in the American Journal of Medicine.

“Homeopathy is Witchcraft.” Should Homeopaths now be burnt at the stake?

17 May 2010|

Inane attacks on homeopathy deserve provocative ripostes. The attack on homeopathy is an insult to democracy and liberty.