Marching to 100 with Homeopathy!

25 Apr 2013|

Jane Gilchrist, one of homeopathy's greatest advocates celebrates her 100th birthday party at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

Homeopathy and the Ex-Chief Scientific Advisor

10 Apr 2013|

Once again, Sir John Beddington insults GPs who choose to send their patients for homeopathy on the NHS.

Health, Medicine & Money

25 Feb 2013|

Time Magazine has on the cover of it's current edition, an article highly critical of the money-led business of medicine in America. We in the UK should be hugely relieved we have universal health care.

Evidence Based Medicine & the NHS

14 Aug 2012|

The EBM being so lauded by opponents of CAM would actually exclude a lot of orthodox treatments from being used on the NHS

Scientific Advice and Politics

01 Mar 2012|

Sir John Beddington describes NHS funding of homeopathy as 'crazy' in spite of being supportive of the Government's position on homeopathy and alternative medicine in 2009.

Now the Swiss back Homeopathy!

20 Feb 2012|

The Swiss Government has produced an official report remarkably in favour of CAM and homeopathic medicine

Homeopathy, Health and Animals

03 Feb 2012|

The fact that homeopathy works on animals is good evidence that it works on people over and beyond the placebo effect.

Homeopathy, Politics and Liberty II

09 Oct 2011|

The different positions on Political Philosophy on the issue of NHS homeopathy are defined.

Homeopathy, Science, Scientism and Democracy

15 Oct 2010|

The attack on NHS homeopathy in this author's opinion is an assault on liberty and democracy. I have made a small cartoon in order to make this point, illustrating the difference between science and scientism. The main point is that while medicine does need to be informed by science, it does not need to be fulfil the personal needs and beliefs of scientists.

Vodcast: Homeopathy Defended

07 Mar 2010|

This Vodcast is unedited because I consider edited vodcasts to be slightly less than authentic. See "Why that parliamentary report was disingenuous" for related content.