Homeopathy has to be Experienced to be Believed

09 Mar 2014|

Homeopathy is no more controversial today than it was in 1948 when it was invited to be part of the NHS at its inauguration. Homeopathy is a structured process involving a very detailed consultation at the end of which a medicine is prescribed which suits the patient and his or her illness in totality.

Why that parliamentary report was disingenuous

06 Mar 2010|

I have gone on record as saying two things about the Science and Technology Committee’s report on Homeopathy: It is one of the least impressive documents to emerge from the House of Commons for some time. It is in at least one part deeply disingenuous. Yes, treat yes I know [...]

Why eminent doctors accuse CAM practitioners of lying to their patients.

10 May 2009|

In my last post I promised to give my view of why eminent physicians have grossly insulted practitioners of CAM by accusing them of lying to their patients. For example: Prof. David Colquhoun:  Under the heading The Lying Dilemma "To maximise the benefit of alternative medicine, it is necessary to [...]

Placebos, self-induced healing, Homeopathy and Anti-depressants

03 Mar 2008|

Placebos, viagra self-induced healing, cialis Homeopathy and Anti-depressantsDeclaration of Interest: I am a medical doctor who has used homeopathic medicine for over 25 years and believe that homeopathy has a clinical effect independent of the placebo effect.As the world of psychiatric medicine squirms uncomfortably with the publication of a significant [...]