Health, Laughter and Contrarianism

12 Dec 2011|

There is little doubt that laughter is good for you. However when you are provoked to laugh at your 'Inner Joke', the funny side of how you are preventing yourself from being fulfilled in life, you get more than just the physiological benefits of laughter. You are nudged into changing your behavioural patterns for the better. This is the essence of Provocative Therapy the cutting edge in the use of contrarianism (reverse psychology) and humour in therapy.

Psychotherapy: Doctor patient relationships, Neuro-linguistic programming/NLP

24 Sep 2008|

Doctor patient relationships Doctor patient relationships are very important and are seen to have changed a great deal over the years. Many people long to get back to the traditional idea of the family doctor, ed where he knew all about their home-life as he treated the whole family and [...]

Book Review: Relaxation Techniques, by Rosemary A. Payne

24 Sep 1995|

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES A Practical Handbook for the Health Care Professional. Rosemary A. Payne Churchill Livingstone, 1995. ISBN 0-443-04933-5 It has been well documented that stress plays an important part in the causation and aggravation of both physical and mental illness. From as early as 1956 researchers such as Hans Selye [...]