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NHS HOMEOPATHY: The Aftermath and the Whingeing

27 Aug 2010|

Critics of NHS homeopathy are livid about the Government's decision to back NHS homeopathy and will probably regroup and attack again. They cannot understand how democracy has trumped their scientism but democracy is democracy.

Vodcast: Homeopathy Defended

07 Mar 2010|

This Vodcast is unedited because I consider edited vodcasts to be slightly less than authentic. See "Why that parliamentary report was disingenuous" for related content.

Science Committee ignores Health Minister’s advice

22 Feb 2010|

I guess it was predictable. Despite the strong words of Health Minister, Mike O’Brien in favour of liberty and democracy, the crew of MPs on the Science and Technology Committee announced this morning that “the NHS should cease funding homeopathy. It also concludes that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory [...]

Big Day for NHS Homeopathy, Liberty and Democracy

22 Feb 2010|

Today is a red letter for NHS homeopathy, democracy and liberty in the UK. At 10.00 am this morning the MPs of the Science and Technology Committee will issue their report on their view of the provision of homeopathy on the NHS. Much was said at the hearings of the [...]