Depressed? Blame you ‘Inner Neandertal’…. not

13 Feb 2016|

Readers of this blog  know that I am no fan of the word 'depression' but it came up in an amazing story in Science this week. The article is about how we may be inheriting genetic diseases going back  50 000 years to one of our earliest ancestors, Neandertal Man! Depression is [...]

Homeopathy, Science, Scientism and Democracy

15 Oct 2010|

The attack on NHS homeopathy in this author's opinion is an assault on liberty and democracy. I have made a small cartoon in order to make this point, illustrating the difference between science and scientism. The main point is that while medicine does need to be informed by science, it does not need to be fulfil the personal needs and beliefs of scientists.

On Science and Scientism (Vodcast: Evidence based Medicine)

21 Apr 2010|

A brief and provocative chat about medicine, homepathy, science and scientism.