The Queen


Xmas, Royalty, CAM and Kindness

23 Dec 2012|

The Queen's Xmas Day message is likely to be uncontroversial. However Prince Charles, the monarch in waiting is courageously outspoken, uses CAM and homeopathy and has called for more care and compassion in medicine.

Complementary Medicine, Homeopathy and The Queen.

29 May 2012|

An article in The Daily Mail reports that the Queen is never without an emergency set of homeopathic medicines and even treated one of her dogs with homeopathy. Thus it is clear that even though homeopathy has its detractors, the Labour Party, the Coalition Government and the Head of State are very protective of the people's right to choose homeopathy.

Prime Minister Praises Homeopathy as we go from Great Britain to Sad Britain.

07 Apr 2011|

Prime Minister says he's going to sound like a homepathy in describing looking at the whole patient. The whole patient being the NHS. Most major politicians in favour of NHS homeopathy but media horrifically biased against it. Controversial anti-depressants hit all time in being prescribed on the NHS