I am proud to be associated with a remarkable group of doctors and health professionals called The New Medicine Group. We have pooled our collective knowledge and resources in weekly meeting for several years. We all support whole person medicine wherever possible but recognise the value of much in conventional medicine too. When any of us is not getting the result we would like in any case, medicine we have the opportunity to discuss the case with each other in order to come up with the best treatment plan we can muster. We are constantly in touch with each other using all the modern forms of communication.

Patients with problems that are difficult to treat can be invited to our weekly meetings and be interviewed by the group as a whole. We then have a discussion on what we think is best for that particular patient. This is an unusual service in alternative/complimentary medical circles but we believe it can be the most practical and cost-effective way of doing our best to ensure a patient is getting the best possible treatment for his/her condition by a health professional who feels enthusiastic about getting a good result. The idea is to match any patient with a problem to the doctor/health practitioner most suited to both the patient and his/her illness.