What is Conventional medicine?

Also known as Orthodox medicine, shop it is simply modern scientific medicine. The aim is to use communication, nurse physical examination and investigations to establish a scientific diagnosis wherever possible. After making a diagnosis, pharm an evidence-based treatment – for that particular diagnosis – is given.


A: Yes, Dr Kaplan completed a 6 year medical training programme and is full registered and licensed as a medical doctor with the GMC (General Medical Council)
A: Dr Kaplan’s preference is to use whole person orientated treatments that encourage the body to heal itself wherever and whenever this can be done without risk to the patient. In severe acute illnesses, it is often absolutely necessary to use proven conventional treatments (eg in meningitis, appendicitis and many others)
A: Yes. Both these modalities have much to offer and many people use both at the same time. Whole Person Medicine includes the use of orthodox scientific medicine.
A: This will depend on your particular clinical condition. In some situations Dr Kaplan might recommend orthodox medicine as the first option. In many other situations he would recommend a Whole Person Approach to begin with. If this fails to deal with the problem satisfactorily, then a combination of Whole Person and orthodox medicine will be discussed.
A: Most certainly. Dr Kaplan will be happy to speak to any medical or paramedical professional on your behalf.
A: Yes, Dr Kaplan is connected to a network of specialists in all fields of medicine, most of whom are sympathetic to Whole Person Medicine.
A: Yes, he is a licensed M.D. registered with the General Medical Council (GMC 2558165) His preference however is first to try Whole Person Medicine to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.


The New Medicine Group: A group of physicians and practitioners dedicated to using Whole Person Medicine and Orthodox medicine complementarily to benefit our patients. www.newmedicinegroup.com

WebMD: A helpful resource for information about illnesses and conventional treatments. http://www.webmd.com/

Public Library of Science- PLOS: A superb resource for the scientifically-minded patient or parent of patient. http://www.plos.org/