What is Nutritional Medicine?

A form of natural or naturopathic medicine, viagra order it uses a change of diet (and often some food supplements) as a powerful stimulus to the whole person to try to provoke a healing response in the body.

What is Herbal Medicine?

This is the use of herbs to treat various conditions.


A: Yes, cialis the naturopathic approach is very much part of Whole Person Medicine.
A: Yes, this can often be the case in both orthodox and Whole Person Medicine. The food we eat is both our fuel and the building blocks by which the body regenerates itself. A change in diet can be a very powerful Whole Person stimulus to the organism resulting in profound changes in health.
A: Yes, for the motivated patient a short raw juice fast can be a powerful holistic stimulus to the body. These can be arranged both at home and at specialist centres for therapeutic fasting.
A: Dr Kaplan does recommend a conservative use of food supplements. For example 50% of people in the UK are deficient in Vitamin D so he ensures his patients have enough Vit D.
A: Although one of Dr Kaplan’s specialities is Homeopathy, he does also use Western herbs in certain conditions – eg Saw palmetto for BPH – benign prostatic hypertrophy.
A: Dr Kaplan is not trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but Stefan Chmelik, a colleague in the New Medicine Group (newmedicinegroup.com) is highly proficient in the use of Chinese herbs and all members of the New Medicine Group meet in a weekly clinical meeting in order to help each other with cases.
A: Herbal medicines contain extracts of herbs and generally are used to treat specific conditions. Homeopathic medicine, while often made from herbs and plants, use very, very dilute preparations that are matched not only to the illness but also to the patient as a whole.
A: Yes many are. However conventional medicine tends to extract what it considers the essential therapeutic chemical from plants and herbs and make that into a drug. Herbalists tend to use the whole plant as they feel that it comprises more than just its most obvious active ingredient. Whole Person Medicine uses both conventional drugs and herbs depending on what is most appropriate in any given clinical situation.


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