Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular, diagnosis with many people turning to alternative cures rather than orthodox medicine. Whether you are suffering from a cold, salve arthritis or insomnia chances are you have considered herbal remedies. With a new focus on healthy lifestyles and organic eating, people are turning to natural cures rather than drugs. They are becoming disillusioned with conventional medicines and are looking for natural treatments. A holistic approach is viewed by many, including Dr Brian Kaplan, a registered homeopath, to be better for the body and mind. Alternative medicine focuses on the holistic approach of looking after the mind so the results will look after the body, rather than just prescribing drugs.

Complementary medicine

Complementary medicine is becoming a hugely popular alternative to orthodox medicine. Complementary medicine gets its name through being a medicine that complements the body and mind. Patients are often disillusioned about the drugs they are being prescribed because even though it will cure their ailment, they often have to suffer side effects. They are creating more health issues to get rid of one.

Complementary medicine can work in harmony with the body and mind curing the illness without creating further problems through side effects. Side effects are obviously distressing for the patient and it is emphasized that the mind is as important in the healing process as the body; therefore if the mind is well then it will improve the state of the body. Explaining the success rate in complementary medicine. The mind being distressed will very likely slow down the healing process of the body.

The doctor can help determine the state of the patient in mind and body to prescribe the necessary complementary medicine returning to the traditional doctor patient relationships rather than the simple prescription of drugs.