The Homeopathic Conversation

The Homeopathic Conversation

“It probably takes the better part of a lifetime to master the art of the homeopathic conversation. But there are some things in life that are worth waiting for…”

In this timely publication, Dr Brian Kaplan, medical doctor and internationally renowned homeopath and teacher, shares his insights into how to create and improve the most crucial factor in the practice of homeopathy – the bond of understanding between practitioner and patient.

In this personal and passionately argued book, Dr Kaplan traces his journey away from the mechanistic world of conventional medicine towards the empathetic, person-centred philosophy of homeopathy. He explains the unique approach of this increasingly respected alternative medicine, explores the ideas and philosophies of its pioneers, and provides reasoned advice, based on more than two decades of committed practice and study, on how to fulfil its huge potential as a healing art.

The Homeopathic Conversation is a must-read for practitioners, teachers, students, patients and anyone else with a serious interest in homeopathy.

“Dr Brian Kaplan is a passionate teacher who builds on his insights from his clinical work and courageously and entertainingly shares his journey with all who listen.”– Dr David Owen, former president, Faculty of Homeopathy .”


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The Homeopathic Conversation:
The Art of Taking the Case
Dr Brian Kaplan MBBCh. MFHom

UK Price: £14.99
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Paperback (2nd edition, March 2002)
Natural Medicine Press
ISBN 1-903952-00-X


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