Review in “British Holistic Veterinary Journal”

Review from:
The British Holistic Veterinary Journal

I have always held to the notion that nothing happens by chance. Here am I, at the start of my first ever break from practice, feeling burnt out and utterly exhausted and looking for direction into how I improve myself as a person and as a homeopath and I am sent a book. More specifically I am sent Brian Kaplan’s book “The Homeopathic Conversation”. I am TOTALLY INSPIRED !

Brian writes magnificently about his way of practising classical homeopathy, with personal anecdotes and tips in a manner which is so open and free, yet gets right down to ripping apart, analysing and rebuilding the methodology of remedy finding and prescribing in such a complete way that he will set the standards for students and masters of Homeopathy for years to come. I could not put this book down.

As a Vet who is constantly seeking ways of improving my Holistic skills and integrating them into the Veterinary format, I have long believed that the only true way to practice homeopathy is Classically. To understand how our Human treating colleagues work is so vital to achieving this concept. Yet for Vets it can be a struggle to find a way to bring Hahnemannian concepts into case taking and prescribing. Direct communication with the patient can be difficult, many Pet owners are not particularly observant of their animal companions, and many Homeopathic texts are long, difficult to wade through and hard to utilise in the Veterinary context. Brian’s Book is a must for all students and practitioners of Veterinary homeopathy. His way of viewing patients and taking cases in such a considered and caring manner builds a whole new level of observation and communication skills into one’s work which can only take us Vets towards that higher level we all struggle to achieve.

This is probably the most important and relevant work yet this century.

Mark Elliott BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS MIPsiMed