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You, your health, your time and the Internet Okay a doctor had to say it sooner or later. The internet has irrevocably changed the doctor-patient relationship all over the world. Well maybe not for people who have no access to the internet, but everyone else. These days, I'm not at all surprised when a patient [...]

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Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea… but is there joy for you and me? • Cheer up and WALK! • Pregnant women shouldn’t eat shark

The issue is fish, mercury and your health. After years of advocating fish as one of the finest foods for man (and sharks), medical doctors suddenly had mercury to contend with. Fish were found to contain mercury and some had levels that were simply unacceptable for human consumption. This has been in the news for [...]

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To microwave or not to… • Men: Be thin and fertile… • Tip of the Week: Computers & useful information

To microwave or not to... With the advent of the microwave oven, society changed forever. The magic oven was suddenly in nearly every restaurant and every home. They even entered the hallowed territory of contemporary popular music. As Dire Straits sang: "We've got to move these microwave ovens, we've got to move these colour TV's..." [...]

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