Death McChocolate! • But Scotland is truly a great country • Homeopathic Tip: Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

Death McChocolate!Obesity continues to dominate the international media. Even presidents and prime ministers are talking about the problem. George W. Bush has urged Americans to slim down and exercise. Tony Blair apparently works out at a gym and he certainly doesn't look like a slouch. England won the Word Cup at rugby not least because [...]

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Punch your way to happiness • Packaged Foods: The Bad and the Ugly • Homeopathic Tip: Contact Sports

Punch your way to happiness:This week I turned to London's only evening newspaper, the Evening Standard for inspiration and health news. The Standard is no heavyweight newspaper, but when I got to the Health & Fitness section I found myself reading and readingŠThe leading article in the section was by the novelist, Santa Montifiore. Her [...]

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Serial Killer Number One under Serious Challenge • A Good Week for T’ai Chi • Homeopathic Tip: Pain after an injection

Serial Killer Number One under Serious ChallengeCigarettes, those white cancer sticks have long been considered one of the public's greatest enemies. Especially toxic to Americans, they have been outlawed in most public places in most states. They produce heart attacks, strokes, emphysema and a host of terrible cancers. No wonder, they are attacked by all [...]

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MMR back in the News • More fishy news • Dairy dreams • Homeopathy & Vaccination

MMR back in the News: That most famous of triple vaccines was back in the news this week. MMR is a combined vaccine against the childhood illnesses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella. It has been alleged to have been associated with both autism and Crohn's disease but neither of these allegations, based on actual medical [...]

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