Caesarian Sections: A Kinder Cut or a Waste of Money? • Homeopathic Tip: Childbirth

Caesarian Sections: A Kinder Cut or a Waste of Money?The issue of elective Caesarian section was all over the media this week. Among a lot of absolute rubbish written about this important issue were a few interesting points. First let us be clear what an 'elective' Caesarian section actually is.If a pregnant woman goes into [...]

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Thinness takes off in Zululand • Bad News for Pancake eaters • How to deal with Childhood Obesity • Homeopathic Tip: Sulphur

Thinness takes off in Zululand.Zululand in South Africa is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is an exquisite sub-tropical, picturesque land that has been through a terrible political struggle and cycle of violence in the last two decades.The Zulus are an incredibly proud, warrior-like nation whose great leaders, Chaka and Dingaan [...]

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Male Baldness: German men are ‘wiser’ than us; or are they? • Homeopathic Tip: Prostate problems

MALE BALDNESS:German men are 'wiser' than us; or are they? The Times chose to give their medical correspondent, Dr Thomas Stuttaford a whole page to write an article which he called 'The Bald Truth about Hair Loss'. As I 'suffer' from a receding hairline myself, I started to read it with interest but soon my [...]

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