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Dr No-Smoke: This week I went to the popular press for health news. Starting with England's best-selling newspaper, The Sun, I was impressed to see that Sir Richard Doll was mentioned. Now Dr Doll together with a Dr Hill actually were the first to prove that smoking causes lung cancer. They did this some 40 [...]

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Diets: Yo-yo is a no-no • But Exercise is a yes-yes! • Echinacea: No good proof that it works • Homeopathic Tip: Colds

Diets: Yo-yo is a no-no Everybody knows that people whose diets result in their weights yo-yoing up and down tend to end up with the yo-yo at the top rather than the bottom. However yo-yoing your weight may have more unpleasant effects than simple obesity.In an article in the Times this week it was claimed [...]

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