Fertility and the Atkins Diet • Dr Kaplan’s Rules of Rational Eating • Hay fever •

Fertility and the Atkins DietSo many people are on the Atkins diet that Britain's butchers are on a high. But how healthy is this popular diet that calls carbohydrates 'the enemy'. Various studies have allegedly linked it to sugar diabetes, depression, osteoporosis and breast cancer, but none of these links has been substantially proved. Now [...]

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The Nation’s Health • Safe Sex: Prostitution: To legalise or not to • Homeopathic Tip: Warts

The Nation's Health As I write this newsletter I'm looking at an A3 poster sent to me by a company called NatCen (The National Centre for Social Research). Apparently they work 'on behalf' of the Department of Health.NatCen have done a big health survey of England. The study used a sample of 20 000 adults [...]

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To smack or not to smack • Good news for milk drinkers • Jogging • Homeopathic Tip: Bruises & grazes that redden the skin

To smack or not to smack, that is the question So how does this controversial debate in the House of Lords become a medical issue? Let me explain. They want to make a law that says you should not smack your kids but if you do smack them, you shouldn't smack them too hard. So [...]

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When will your biological clock begin to tick? • Homeopathic Tip: Premenstrual TensionWhen will your biological clock begin to tick?

When will your biological clock begin to tick?This is a question that millions of childless women ask themselves. In today's society women are having babies later and later and some manage to leave it too late. It brings to mind a cartoon I once saw of a smartly-dressed, obviously successful woman throwing up her hands [...]

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