Let the Diet Wars begin! • GREED IS THE ENEMY! • Fines for missed GP appointments• Tip of the Week: Sunburn

Let the Diet Wars begin!After two successive columns devoted to the redoubtable Atkin's diet it would have been time to move on. Except I couldn't resist telling you about an article in Tuesday's Times which put the diet in the ring against that old workhorse of a diet or slimming plan - Weightwatchers!Under a full [...]

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The Atkins Diet: Part I • That Horizon Programme • Tip of the Week: Mosquito bites

The Atkins Diet: Part IThat Horizon ProgrammeWell the health news item of the week just has to be BBC2's Horizon programme on Thursday night. It was all about that most fashionable of diets, The Atkins Diet.It was one of the most interesting and well-made television programmes on a health issue that I've ever seen. That [...]

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