Medicine, Philosophy and the NHS •

Medicine, Philosophy and the NHSA book by a doctor and philosopher has caught my attention. It's called Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents by Raymond Tallis The Times printed several large extracts from the book. In the first extract, provocatively entitled 'How Patient Power Could Kill The NHS' the 'eminent consultant and noted philosopher' (the [...]

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Homeopathy Special

HOMEOPATHY SPECIALThe Times devoted a whole page to homeopathy in France. For many years France has afforded homeopathy great respect. Visitors to Paris will not have failed to notice that every pharmacy advertises that it carries homeopathic remedies on the front window, something unheard of on these shores.Now homeopathy is being threatened by proposed new [...]

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To be a REAL MAN, don’t smoke and drink

For once the Atkins diet was not in the news this week. Small wonder considering the devastating blow it received from Denmark. (See Newsletter no 96 for the Danish study showing that Atkins dieters do lose more weight than other dieters - but only for the first 6 months.To be a REAL MAN, don't smoke [...]

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