Tea Too is Good for Your Memory

The Science correspondent of The Times reports that drinking tea regularly can help prevent the distressful memory losing illness, Alzheimer’s Disease.
According to research carried out by the men in white coats at Newcastle Universities Medicinal Plant Research Centre, tea acts against the certain enzymes in the brain helping it to ward off dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. This could lead to new drugs being developed from tea to help treat this severe disease that affects about 10 million people internationally. The effects of coffee on Alzheimer’s were also examined and it was found that coffee has no effect on Alzheimer’s.

And so too is a drink or two

Reuters online reports the results of some interesting research on ‘older women’ who have a couple of alcoholic drinks a day. This time it was the men in white coats at the University of Texas that did the research. This was a serious five year study conducted by Dr. Graham McDougall, associate professor of nursing (sic) at the university. The study examined various factors in both men and women with an average age of 75.One of the factors tested was the ability of the women to remember where things were left as well as story lines and random associations of numbers and letters. The study showed clearly that the women senior citizens who drank regularly performed better in the memory tests than those who did not drink at all. In addition these ladies had more confidence and showed greater versatility in working out strategies to help them remember things. They also performed everyday tasks better and reported less depression and better health in general.

Many articles have appeared in the media extolling the benefits of a couple of drinks a night. Of course the medical profession has to be very cautious about promoting the use of alcohol based on the various studies that show that moderate consumption is good for your health. This is because even small amounts of alcohol do impair one’s ability do drive and large amounts make all motorists a menace to others on the road as well as causing many severe physical and mental problems. But it really does seem that one or two drinks in the comfort of your home with nowhere to drive thereafter, are indeed good for your health.

Obesity in Pets

We have discussed obesity, weight loss and diets in detail in this column but only with regard to human beings! The Times reports that obesity and lack of exercise has become a big problem for dogs making them more prone to strokes, injuries and depression. So make sure your dogs eat moderately and get plenty of exercise. Otherwise a ‘dog’s life’ will no longer have such a good reputation.

Homeopathic Tip of the Week: Colds & Flu, continued…

A few tips on treating and preventing colds and ‘flu.

  1. At the first definite sign of a cold, a tickle at the back of the throats or a chill, take homeopathic Aconite 6c every hour for five or six doses.
  2. For chills, fever and weakness in a confirmed case of ‘flu, use homeopathic Gelsemium 6c every hour for a day or two.
  3. For that lingering cough after colds and ‘flu, use Bryonia 6c twice a day for a week.