More good news for chocoholics
The Daily Mirror had some very good news for chocoholics. The popular paper reported on the latest health benefit of chocolate – apparently it’s good for coughs!

Cocoa, the principle ingredient of chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which the men in white coats are saying is a third better for coughs than codeine which is one of the most commonly used drugs for suppressing coughs. The Mirror then goes on to list another 15 benefits of eating chocolate and I can resist listing them here:

1.Cocoa beans contain polyphenols which may help to prevent heart disease

2.Chocolate is high in anti-oxidants which may help prevent cancer.

3. It has high levels of Calcium which is good for your bones.

4. It can release endomorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the body.

5. It can lower blood pressure (according to some research by the men in white coats at Harvard Medical School) as well as increase blood flow to the brain.

6.It has high levels of fluoride, which is good for your teeth.

7.It may make us feel more alert due to high levels of phenylethylamine.

8.It’s a ‘better break’ than coffee due to lower levels of caffeine.

9.It’s better for you than sweets as it is less damaging to your teeth than sugar.

10.It contains copper which is needed by the body for various functions.

11.It may reduce blood clotting (according to the men in white coats at the University of California. This may help prevent heart attacks in much the same way as small doses of aspirin.

12. It gives you energy without causing a surge in your blood sugar.

13.It doesn’t raise your cholesterol to the same degree as other saturated fats.

14.It contains iron and zinc, essential metals for the body and its immune system.

15.It contains valeric acid which has a natural tranquillising effect.

Yes, butŠ

Chocolate is good for you but chocolate is not chocolate is not chocolate. Some chocolate bars are much better for you than others. In short dark chocolate is the best, mainly because it contains more chocolate and less sugar than milk chocolate. However researchers at Glasgow University have found that the milk in milk chocolate can inhibit healthy anti-oxidants in chocolate from being absorbed by the body. Also eating a lot of chocolate isn’t a good idea because it contains fat and sugar neither of which is particularly good for any of us. Bottom line: Small quantities of chocolate are good for you especially black chocolate.

Homeopathic Tip of the Week: Cravings for sweet things

For people with too much of a sweet tooth. You can consider the following homeopathic remedies with a good reputation for helping people with a craving for sweet things.
Sulphur: Itchy skin rashes, untidy people, intolerant of heat, argumentative.
Argentum nitricum: Fear of heights, always rushing, desires salt and sweets, very fearful in anticipation of important events like exams.
Calcarea carbonica: tend to be overweight people, a bit slow but very reliable, sweat at the back of the neck at night.
Carbo vegetabilis: lots of wind, also like salt, digestive problems, must have fresh air.

Any of these can be tried in a 6c potency, twice a day for a couple of weeks but on the whole it’s better to consult an homeopathic doctor.