There have been some big revelations in the medical news in recent weeks. The Times in particular led with a front page headline: THE NEW RULES FOR DEFEATING CANCER.
Our society, which has had more new ‘rules’ and regulations passed on it than possibly any other in history should obviously welcome new rules about health especially when these have been scientifically documented.

* Processed meats: I always thought it bad taste to eat animals that have been processed and packaged in factories. So ham, bacon, salami and other meats processed by smoking or curing or out.

* Sweet drinks

* Too much alcohol: This is interesting. Two units are good for your heart but the ideal amount for preventing cancer is ZERO apparently. So to some extent you need to choose between preventing cancer and preventing heart disease.

This reminds me of Jackie Mason joke. Mason reckoned that according to the latest research everything you eat is going to make you ill in the end. So it’s not so much a matter of staying healthy but picking a disease you like!

Happy Picking then!