Reflexology on BBC2 last night

Alternative Therapies BBC2 Monday 24/3/2008In an appallingly crafted hour of 'investigation' into whether reflexology works Professor Kathy Sykes interviews various reflexologists, their patients and eminent scientists. This was very bad TV because you could see the bias from the beginning and the conclusion is telescoped well in advance.Of course an anatomist was wheeled out to [...]

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Placebos, self-induced healing, Homeopathy and Anti-depressants

Placebos, viagra self-induced healing, cialis Homeopathy and Anti-depressantsDeclaration of Interest: I am a medical doctor who has used homeopathic medicine for over 25 years and believe that homeopathy has a clinical effect independent of the placebo effect.As the world of psychiatric medicine squirms uncomfortably with the publication of a significant meta-analysis showing that anti-depressants are [...]

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