Unconditional Surrender to Singh and Ernst

Okay, finally I give up. It’s Unconditional Surrender for me. I will not harp on anymore about: the dangers of separating the practitioner from his tools; self-induced healing; the art of medicine, the use of the self in therapy and the healing qualities of holistic doctors that cannot simply be emulated by purely scientific doctors [...]

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Democracy, Homeopathy and the Placebo Effect

Okay, drugs let’s get a few things straight about so called ‘alternative’ holistic medical approaches that are now being vilified because scientific trials have apparently finally shown that they are no better than placebo. The first therapy seemingly chosen to be wiped out for the good of the public in the killing fields of apparently [...]

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Alternative Therapies: Meditation

Last night Kathy Sykes explored the ‘alternative therapy’ meditation. Just to categorise this ancient psychological and physiological techniqe as ‘alternative’ seem somewhat ridiculous to me. Still, Kathy Sykes, somewhat straitjacketed by her self-applied label as 'scientist' admitted that regularly sitting quietly and doing nothing except observe her breathing benefited her whole day including her capacity [...]

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